Mylnefield Lipid Analysis is very proud of our world class reputation.

Here's what some of customers have to say about our services. 

New Horizons Logo   New Horizons Global Ltd specialize in the refining, further processing and distribution of DHA rich algal oils produced in the UK and sold internationally into various market sectors and applications. Mylnefield Lipid Analysis provide us with prompt and accurate analytical services. In addition to routine quality control analysis of oils during processing, they have given invaluable assistance in quantifying total lipid composition, fatty acid profiles, identifying and quantifying possible contamination risks, and help in responding to customer enquiries on the validity and comparability of different analytical methods. Although nominally a contract analytical laboratory, they have become an integral part of our QC/QA system and their objective findings provide reassurance to partners and customers throughout the supply chain.
    Dr John Spence, Business Development, New Horizons Global Ltd


Bio Products Laboratory Logo   I'd like to take this opportunity to say how impressed we have been with the testing your lab has been doing for us. We've used other contract testing labs in the past and none of them come close to Mylnefield, either in terms of turnaround time or how the data has been presented.
    Tara Dolan, Senior Project Scientist, Bio Products Laboratory


Devenish Nutrition Logo   Mylnefield Lipid Analysis first started analysing samples for Devenish Nutrition in 2003, carrying out fatty acid profile analysis, including omega-3 determination, in poultry samples.  In recent years they have also carried out analysis of our clinical trial samples.  Claire and her team provide Devenish with accurate, reliable data, which is always well presented and delivered in the agreed turnaround.  Mylnefield Lipid Analysis makes a valuable contribution to our studies, and I would highly recommend them.  
    Dr Heather Hayes, Devenish


  Having worked with Claire and her team since 2017, they have always provided excellent service. Being a small enterprise we needed people who would be flexible in their approach and also knowledgeable in their field to maximise value. I could not recommend these guys enough in their willingness to help, the delivery of the work and ultimately friendly nature in our dealings together. Great job!
    Yat-Keung Lee, Product Development Manager