Mylnefield Lipid Analysis has the expertise to provide your business with a detailed understanding of lipids which can be the key to quality and innovative product development for an enormous range of industries.

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Lipids are also used as fuels, lubricants, insulators for the electricity industry and raw materials for producing biodegradable materials.
Operating to GCP standards, Mylnefield Lipid Analysis has had extensive experience in analysing clinical samples for a diverse range of lipid classes.
In the food and drink sector, lipids in the form of oils and fats have a pivotal effect on the taste, stability, mouthfeel and nutritional content of an enormous range of products.
Many of the most nutritionally and commercially important food supplements and nutriceuticals, from omega-3 oils to antioxidants, are lipids.
Mylnefield Lipid Analysis has extensive experience in working with a wide range of oil seeds.
An understanding of fats, oils and other skin lipids is crucial to the treatment of skin disorders and the development of safe and effective cosmetics, moisturisers and other skin care products.