Mylnefield Lipid Analysis Work on Study Characterising Ratfish Liver Oil

Chimaera monstrosa

The first study to provide a complete quantitative and qualitative lipid profile of Ratfish liver oil (RLO) and its effect on selected tumour suppressor genes and oncogenes has been published in the Journal of Integrative Clinical Medicine.

Mylnefield Lipid Analysis was appointed by West Coast Biomedius to perform a complete analysis of AKGs, including preparation of extracts and Gas Chromatography, for the study entitled, “Biochemical Characterization of Ratfish (Chimaera monstrosa) liver oil; Cytotoxic and antineoplastic evaluation in cancer cell lines.” Mallakin, A (2018).

The study concluded that RLO does have a considerable amount of SFA, EPA, DHA and ALA in addition to AKGs and squalene which have important therapeutic properties. The full open access paper can be viewed HERE.