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The world’s largest source of information on lipid analyses, biochemistry and chemistry, including hundreds of spectra, up-to-date bibliography and lipid structures. This resource is available free of charge on and is widely used by academics, company scientists and students around the world.

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Stability Testing and Stability Storage

Mylnefield Lipid Analysis provide a full complement of state-of-the-art cGMP stability storage and analytical testing resources and expertise to support commercial stability studies, release testing and quality control analyses for active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products in virtually all dosage forms and delivery systems.

Stability Storage Conditions Available:

25C/ 60%RH ( 2C/5%RH) - Real time storage
40C/ 75%RH ( 2C/5%RH) - Accelerated storage

GMP stability storage solutions include:

MLA can write the stability storage protocol for approval by the customer before commencing the study, or alternatively MLA can follow the customers own protocol.

Please contact Claire Traynor to discuss any stability study requirements.