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The world’s largest source of information on lipid analyses, biochemistry and chemistry, including hundreds of spectra, up-to-date bibliography and lipid structures. This resource is available free of charge on and is widely used by academics, company scientists and students around the world.

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Chemistry Courses and Training

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If you have recently started a career in lipid science or technology on the basis of a training in chemistry, biochemistry, food science, nutrition, etc., these courses are meant for you.

Mylnefield Lipid Analysis offers post-graduate analytical services and training courses.

Our training schedule includes:

Courses are given by Mylnefield Lipid Analysis staff here, but if there is a demand they can be held at your place of work and may be specially designed to meet the needs of your company.

They will provide you with information over a wide range of lipid studies that you did not get in your undergraduate lectures. You need this information to understand and appreciate your present interest and activity and for future tasks that you may be called to undertake. The courses will also give you contact with well known experts in this field who are active in their own research areas and whom you will be able to consult after the course is finished.

These courses should be seen as an important step in your career development making you better able to carry out your present tasks and better fitted to move on to more demanding duties.

Plan early to come to the next course and ask us for details

"The fatty acid chemistry and analysis course at The Scottish Crop Research Institute was really a successful and satisfying event. The course provided a broad scope in the field, giving a comprehensive introduction, yet detailed enough to intrigue the more experienced worker. The lectures given by senior staff at Mylnefield reflected in-depth and up-dated knowledge in each topic. The arrangement was very well organized, and I recommend it especially to beginners in the lipid scene".

Vidar Moen, Epax A/S Norway

"The two day course proved the perfect solution. The information was up to date and accessible, even to a biologist. The different lecturers presented their areas of specialist knowledge and wealth of experience in a complete package that was engaging and inspiring. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the Mylnefield staff  and to network with the other delegates.".

Hilary Yeoman, Biologist & Masters degree student