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The world’s largest source of information on lipid analyses, biochemistry and chemistry, including hundreds of spectra, up-to-date bibliography and lipid structures. This resource is available free of charge on and is widely used by academics, company scientists and students around the world.

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Contract Research

Contract Research

Increasingly we are being asked by industrial concerns to undertake small research projects that require a higher level of technical expertise, sometimes to solve technical problems, but more often to provide detailed structural analyses of materials for patent or regulatory approval, when reliable independent advice from an accredited laboratory may be essential. Obviously, none of this can be described in detail here because we observe strict commercial confidentiality.

For example, we can undertake:

We have the equipment (gas chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry) and more importantly the expertise. Give us the details and we will supply a quotation for time and cost.