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The world’s largest source of information on lipid analyses, biochemistry and chemistry, including hundreds of spectra, up-to-date bibliography and lipid structures. This resource is available free of charge on and is widely used by academics, company scientists and students around the world.

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About Mylnefield Lipid Analysis

Prof. Frank Gunstone and Dr William Christie

Founded by Prof. Frank Gunstone and Dr William Christie, two of the world’s most authoritative lipid chemists, Mylnefield Lipid Analysis is now a part of Mylnefield Analytics and operated by James Hutton Ltd. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the James Hutton Institute and have excellent scientific links with this world renowned centre for plant research.

Dr Terry Smith at Mylnefield

Dr Terry K. Smith is an internationally recognized expert in the area of lipidomics, and in particular it’s applications in parasitology and other pathogens with over 80 publications in the field. His laboratory at St Andrews University is well equipped with their own dedicated lipidomic instruments including;

They also have access in house to a ABSciex 5600 Triple TOF and a Micromass LCT mass spectrometers as well a 5 nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (300 MHz to 500 MHz), for proton, carbon, phosphorous and many others.

He is able to offer a wide range of analytical services that complement those offered by Mylnefield Lipid Analysis, including;

In addition Dr Smith is interested in talking to organisations interested in collaborative projects in the area of targeting lipid and fatty acid metabolism for drug discovery.

For more information, please contact

Dr Terry K. Smith CChem MRSC
St Andrews Molecular Parasitology (St A MP) Group
Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC),
The North Haugh,
The University,
St. Andrews,
Scotland. KY16 9ST.

Tel - Office: 01334 463412
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